"Robyn saved my hair today! I had a little color mishap at school the other day and she took it from 80's rocker drab...yuck! To super Cute Brunette! I love it! "
Kimber B.


When it’s time for a new look … it’s time to visit 56 West Salon! We are experts in hair care and have you covered no matter the service. Our friendly staff will make you feel AMAZING from the moment you arrive to scheduling your next service. We love our customers … you’ll feel like family during your stay!

+Prices listed are base price and are based on service provider. Experienced stylists pricing may be higher.

Haircuts and Styles

Womens Cut and Style $30+
Service includes: Wash, scalp massage, haircut, blow-dry style

Womens Cut and Style ADD ON $20+
Service includes womens cut and style service added to any color service

Wash and Blowout $24
Service includes: wash, scalp massage, straight or curly style ($20 additional for longer hair)

Mens Cut and Style $20+

Girls Cut and Style $18+
Girls 5 and under. Does not include sink wash.)

Girls Cut and Style $18+
(Boys 10 and under)

Bang Trim $7

Beard Trim $7

Event Styling $35 (one hour) $1 each additional minute

Hot Tools Styling $1 per minute

Extra Thickness/Length
 If your hair is long or extra thick, there will be an additional charge of $20

+Prices listed are base price. Experienced stylists pricing may be higher.

Chemical Services

All Over Solid Color $61+

Solid Color Root Touch Up $51

Blonde Root Touch Up (includes toner) $65+

Fashion Color $72+

Mini Fashion Color $54+

Fashion Color Plus $162+

Mini Fashion Color Plus $122+

Balayage $110+

Balayage with Shadow Root $145+

Partial Foil (11-30 foils) $62+

Partial Plus Foil (31-60 foils) $82+

Full Foil (60+ foils) $98

Partial Foil with paint between color (low lights) $89+

Partial Plus Foil with paint between (low lights) $109+

Full Foil with paint between color (low lights) $129+

Men’s Foil $45+

Additional Foils $7 each

All Over Double Process Lightening $98+

Men’s Color $30+

Solid Color Double Process $93+

Artificial Color Extractor $61+

Additional Color $20
All color services include 2 oz of color. If an additional bowl of color is required there will be a charge of $20 per additional color. If you are receiving a lightening service and toner is required there will be an additional charge of $20 for toner.

Extra Thickness/Length
 If your hair is long or extra thick, there will be an additional charge of $20

+Prices listed are base price. Experienced stylists pricing may be higher


Brazilian Blowout $140+ (short/med hair)
Brazilian Blowout $175+ (long hair)
Eliminates frizz, relaxes curl if desired, repairs damage.

Split End Correction $55+
Instantly mends and helps prevents splits while also protecting against future damage, defends against cuticle cracking, rebuilds & helps to strengthen weakened fibers from within, helps to restore vitality to ends, specially formulated to keep precision cuts looking salon fresh between appointments.

Deep Condition $40+
Moisture and/or damage repair
(add on to any hair service $20+)

Scalp Treatment $40+
Dry and/or oily scalp conditioner
(add on to any hair service $20+)​

Extra Thickness/Length
 If your hair is long or extra thick, there will be an additional charge of $20

+Prices listed are base price. Experienced stylists pricing may be higher.

Hair Extensions

$85 – $140 per hour for installation, move-up and removal

First time hair extension clients must come in for a consult before any extension appointments can be booked. Your stylist will color match and determine the desired length of the extensions. Extensions must be purchased before the placement appointment. *Hair extensions are non-refundable.


Permanent Wave: Basic $72+

Permanent Wave: Spiral $87+

Men’s Perm $58+

Last minute cancellations/no-shows are subject to fees. See our cancellation/no-show policy on our policies page

Clients under the age of 18 will NOT be serviced without the authorized written consent of parent or guardian. Parent/Guardian must be present at time of appointment to sign all necessary consent forms.

Informed Consent for all haircare services/treatments:

  • I understand that previous treatments and chemical services can continue to have an effect on my hair. I have fully disclosed my previous treatments to my stylist prior to the treatment; including hair thinning products I am using at home.
  • I understand that my stylist is a certified technician who will try their best to create my desired results. I also understand the best way to assist my technician is to be clear about my requirements.
  • In an effort to explain my expectations to my stylist I may show a photo. I understand that photos can be filtered and unrealistic and that my results may not match the photo presented.
  • I understand my desired result may require multiple visits and I will be responsible for the expense at each of those visits.
  • I understand that chemical treatments have different effects on different hair types and colors. I agree to hold the salon and the hair technician harmless in the event of unexpected or undesired results. I understand that any further alterations or corrections will be provided at my own expense.
  • I have had the process and possible results adequately explained to me. I have been given the opportunity to make requests and ask questions.
  • I understand that pregnancy effects results for chemical services and that if I am pregnant or have been pregnant in the last 6 months it could result in a less effective treatment.
  • I understand that the chemicals may have unexpected and undesired effects on the metals in my jewelry. I verify that I have been given the opportunity to remove my jewelry.
  • I understand that chemicals/color may bleed until I have washed my hair a couple of times. I verify that I am aware of this possibility and do not hold 56 West Salon responsible for any damage to my clothing or personal items.
  • I understand that at home use of professional product may be necessary in order for the treatment to be effective and that if I decline to purchase products for at home use my treatment may not hold for more than one wash.
  • I understand that if I am receiving a Brazilian Blowout smoothing service or Split End Correction service, my at home products I am using may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment. I understand that if I am using a hair thinning system at home I need to only apply those treatments to the scalp (root) and not the ends to extend the life of my smoothing treatment.
  • I understand that 56 West Salon does not offer refunds on services.

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